Hair loss, thin hair. If I don't grow my hair, what can I do?

hair loss, thinning hair

Hair loss problem, thin hair, many people may think that “hair transplant” is the only solution. But in fact, there is another treatment that can be done. And there is no risk of any allergic reactions as well. Because it is a treatment using plasma from our own blood.

Making PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), besides being used in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging There is also research that Can be used to solve the problem of thinning hair, hair loss, either a patchy type (Alopecia areata) or hair loss from heredity and hormones (Androgenic alopecia).

PRP for hair injections At Privilege Clinic we use US FDA Cleared “special blood tubes” which are purer. And make more platelets than normal blood tubes, so there is more Growth Factor when injected for hair transplant. will have better results We call this PRP program for hair injection “PRFM (platelet-rich fibrin matrix) program”.

From the research, it was found that the various Growth Factors that were acquired would be

– Stimulates the division and development of hair follicle cells

– Increase the survival rate of hair follicle cells

– inhibits the destruction of hair follicle cells

– Stimulates the creation of blood vessels that feed around the hair roots.

This will gradually increase the number of hairs, thicker and stronger. The doctor will inject PRP in the scalp area to stimulate the hair roots. It is recommended to inject every 2 weeks, 3-4 times in a row and inject it to stimulate or maintain every 4-6 months for maximum efficiency.

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Article by Dr. Nopatch Wutthamkanaporn