PRP is beautiful with our own blood. not as dangerous as you think

Suck the blood and inject it back. Will it be infected?

Many people have heard of PRP programs that use their own platelets to restore skin health. help clear face and look young But may still be afraid that the process of doing PRP is safe and risk of infection or not?

The procedure that is most often asked is the aspiration of the blood. to separate red blood cells Leave only the plasma part and then inject it at the point that needs to restore the blood that has been sucked out. and the plasma was brought back to inject it. Will it be clean and sterile?

In this procedure, blood is drawn by a sterile blood collection needle. It will be put into a special blender tube “immediately” and put into the PRP blender “immediately” as well, so there is a chance that the blood will be contaminated with germs from outside. So it’s almost impossible.

At Privilege Clinic, a specialist doctor will do every step by himself. Use new, clean, sterile equipment in every case. and will do it as quickly as possible. To keep the plasma most effective when it is injected back into the body.

Skin rejuvenation with PRP has been proven to be highly safe. No risk of allergic reactions because it uses components from the blood in our own body Do not mix other foreign substances. In addition, there are very few side effects when compared to other synthetic injections, so PRP is a new trend nowadays in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging.

Why is PRP so popular ?

Over the years, PRP has been heavily used in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging. Due to the properties of platelets, stem cells and growth factors that stimulate collagen production. anti-inflammatory and stimulate natural wound healing Therefore, it is used to stimulate the creation of new skin cells. acne scar treatment stimulate hair growth treat skin stretch marks Corrects skin disorders caused by aging both wrinkles rough skin sagging skin skin pigment abnormalities It is also used to treat osteoarthritis/inflammation of the knee or ankle.

If interested in receiving services You can come to consult at Privilege Clinic in every branch. The doctor takes care of every case. Be assured of safety

Article by Dr. Nopatch Wutthamkanaporn